home remedies to whiten teeth instantly

home remedies to whiten teeth instantly
Do you have any idea about home remedies to whiten teeth instantly? I will discuss
about this topic now.  Teeth are a very important part of our human body, without whom our appearance looks it's very bad. The important idea of this may have been seen by seeing your grandparents.

If you do not want to lose your teeth at an just early age then it is very necessary to obviously take care of your teeth daily.

Due to not cleaning the teeth perfectly everyday, there is a layer of yellowness on them.

Nowadays, most women are very careful about their nice teeth because when they smile with yellow teeth, it has a great effect on their beauty and appearance this time. Therefore, to remove your yellow teeth, you must adopt few or another remedy. Below are some effective home remedies.

You believe or not A smiling face is always preferred. The smiling face is the symptom of happiness and perfect purity. The beauty of the smile diminishes with yellow teeth.

There may be many reasons for the yellowing of your teeth. Increasing your age, hereditary cause, improper your dental hygiene, excessive consumption of coffee and tea,

excessive consumption of tobacco and cigarettes can be the cause of teeth bad yellowing. Often people do medical treatment to remove the yellowing of their teeth,

 but it involves spending more time and money. You can use some and very effective natural remedies to protect your teeth from the yellowing and stigma problems.

Home remedies for your yellow toothbrush

Homemade soda for yellow teeth, simple soda or baking soda
You can use baking powder, we can erase the yellow color of teeth. Take a big spoon of baking soda and mix it perfectly in half cup of fresh water. Rinse with this mixture.
 Rinse two to three times a day for better results.


The good amount of strawberries is antioxidant and vitamin C, which must help to whiten the teeth. Take 3 strawberries and grind them and rub properly their teeth for just one minute. Treat it 3 times every day in 1 week.

Lemon-to-yellow Tooth Remedies 

Take a pinch of salt in lemon juice and rub your teeth few time. Instead of lemon juice, you can also use anytime lemon peel. Rinse lemon peel on the teeth and then rinse it with fresh water.


The acidity of apple helps to whiten your teeth. Eat apples well and chew It contains a good amount of fibers which helps to whiten the teeth.

Salt for your yellow teeth
Salt is antibacterial, which gives whitening of teeth by killing perfectly germs from the teeth of teeth. Apart from this, the mineral component is given must to the teeth.

While brushing the teeth, remember that do not rub the gums more so that they can be damaged.


Mix wooden coal powder in everyday toothpaste to protect your teeth. Throw teeth from it. By using tow times a day the teeth will start shining.

Care of teeth from orange peel every day

Before your sleeping at night, rub teeth with orange peel. Vitamin C of orange kills teeth germs It makes the teeth stronger and more white with good looking.

Necessary of Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent that helps a lot in removing any kind of problems of yellow teeth. If you buy good mouthwash then note that hydrogen peroxide is included in it. Do not swallow it while rinsing.

 Holy Basil (Tulsi)

We all know that Tulsi is used for worship in the house, but it also has many medicinal properties for people. It is big surprising that even in Tulsi there are the properties of polishing teeth and removing all problems of teeth and mouth. To prevent teeth from your yellowing,

 break the leaves of basil and keep them in the sun for just a few hours. Once they are dry, grind them in a grinder and grind them. You can also mix good mustard oil with dry leaves of Basil and massage on teeth.

Remedies for cleansing teeth are Neem 

In an ancient moment when there were no toothpaste and toothbrush, all people used to break neem's branch and grind it. It has properties of antiseptic and astringent, which leads to whitening of the teeth and the stench of breath.

Its taste is very bitter, but it is very good to polish your teeth with no side effect.

Natural Banana peel

We all know that banana is rich in nutrients for teeth. You can also get many benefits from banana peels. Usually, it is thrown into the trash, but it contains nutritious substances such as potassium, manganese, and magnesium (potassium, manganese, and magnesium).

 With the help of these substances, your teeth can become very shiny. Take a little bit of banana and rub its white part 2 to 3 minutes on the teeth. After this, leave it for just 15 minutes and clean the tooth from normal toothpaste. By doing this for two to three weeks, you will start seeing results.


While making any sweet dishes in any Indian cooks, raisins are widely used. Using some of it, your yellow teeth can be white by this Raisins. Whenever you have time, start raising raisins. This will make the saliva inside the mouth and the plaque will be perfectly removed.

Fresh Citrus fruits for the brightness of teeth

We all know that citrus fruits have the properties of whitening the color. It also has the ability to whiten your yellow teeth. Citrus fruits are the main ones such as orange, pineapple, lemon. Cut a piece of citrus fruit and make it up.

These are the most useful and best ways for you about remedies to whiten teeth instantly with few days. you can follow this good instruction and take care


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