A Healthy Body Is The Greatest Treasure

Modern life is the subject of speed and action-filled healthy life style has remained far behind and result is today we have high blood pressure in adulthood diabetes,

Heart disease, cholesterol, obesity started to suffer from diseases such as arthritis, thyroid which previously were in.

mental and physical more problem and more major reason the mine wrong habits of living habits and lifestyle.

let us land here by following the in terms of health Minister to the family also aware of good health to others, keeping healthy in order to be a healthy and strong society and building the country. because he has been a first-equipped disease-free body.

Food, fuel, made from oil things like bread, Pirate, Bauer samosas cake, junk food, tea, coffee, more intake is detrimental to the health of their overdose regular intake of cold drinks blood pressure.

cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and heart disease causes and gas in the stomach, ulcers, Aeseediti repeatedly diarrhea loss.

liver and seem to be suffering like damaged green vegetables, seasonal fruits, milk, Dh in their food instead, Buttermilk, sprouts should include cereals and salads which are rich in vitamins, minerals, elements and are very beneficial to the body l

Sugar and salt is not consumed in large quantities of, these are diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases cause l

Almonds, raisins, figs, walnuts, etc. are very beneficial for health nuts must take them

Drink plenty of fresh fruit juice, such as water or other liquid, milk, yogurt, buttermilk, lemon juice, coconut water, they cannot be a lack of water in the body, the body comes to shine on the skin and face and body of dirt so sweat and urine escape.

Make exercise a regular practice to get up and park before sunrise, walking barefoot on the grass, put race, walk in, yoga, pranayama, these measures sweating from the body, the flesh gives strength to muscles, blood in the body communication increases, protect against a number of physical and mental ailments, lives agility quickly in the body throughout the day, hungry, well so be sure to exercise regularly.

Deep sleep is necessary -The body and mind to sleep about 7 hours a day to keep healthy is important for an adult, frequent sleep to be completely right and often times sleeping opening causes a number of diseases.
These measures of sleep a gold should be in the room clean, quiet and solitude, the night is supposed to be good for up to go to sleep until 10-11 o'clock in the morning to get up to 5-6 hours health, sleep before sleep well to Shavasana, roam course 20-25 minutes after eating should be before bedtime 2-3 hours and have dinner in the evening.

Tension to say Bye Bye - not worrying right to devise upcoming Problems in life every day several uses, testified that even though it burns the body after death but continue to burn the alive body.

unnecessary anxiety because when stress brother, brothers and trusted advice to eligible friends to see if the problem still not systematic consult specialist.

Stay drunk escape-of someone most dangerous enemy of disease, he is stuck, drunk mesh, smoke, tobacco, and all these health for Uva generation, survivors avoid addictive in any case.

if drunk If he is very good, but, if there are addicts make Distance sooner drunk is just as good, even more, dangerous than the disease cancer and AIDS and simultaneously ruin many families and mental, causes the destruction of economic and social status, so as to avoid further measures drunk.